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Six Month Smiles

Church View Dental Care is delighted to be able to offer the excellent Six Month Smiles treatment. This modern concept incorporates the very best of traditional orthodontic methods in order to produce healthy teeth and beautiful smiles.

Using more cosmetically-friendly materials than those that are conventionally associated with braces, Six Month Smiles offers an option that is highly effective and that can suit the needs of your own individual lifestyle.

Boasting average treatment times of only six months, Six Month Smiles uses Lucid-Lok® clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, both of which are barely visible.

Using low forces and short treatment times, this is a treatment option which increases comfort, safety and hygiene.

Six Month Smiles offers the patient an affordable opportunity to make life-changing cosmetic improvements to their smile, in a manner that is swift and efficient. If you are interested in pursuing this form of treatment, we encourage you to contact us at the practice on 0113 264 7133 in order to book a consultation.

The Wand

At Church View Dental Care, we do everything we can to ensure that our patients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible whenever they visit us at the practice. As part of our commitment to our patients, we look to allay any fear, anxiety or apprehension that our patients may have towards their dental treatment.

This is why your dentist may suggest use of ‘The Wand’. This is a vital tool within our practice which allows us to administer pain-free local anaesthetics to our patients.

In recognition of the visual association that many people make between needles and pain,The Wand is designed to look like a pen rather than a syringe, a feature which researchers have found to effectively alleviate the concerns of a patient as opposed to the emotional reactions to needles.

The way that The Wand operates means that the flow of anaesthetic is computer controlled. This produces a more steadily-controlled and ultimately less painful method of injection.

If you are recommended a treatment by your dentist which may involve the use of anaesthetic and feel that you would prefer the use of The Wand for your injection, please speak to your dentist who will then be able to discuss your options.

Inman Aligner

Church View Dental Care is proud to offer the hugely popular and successful Inman Aligner treatment. Our certified dentist will outline a treatment programme that is right for you, and in many cases will be completed much faster than alternative orthodontic techniques.

The Inman Aligner is a form of treatment which produces excellent results in correcting protrusion or crowding of the front teeth. Treatment of this type is usually completed within 6-16 weeks, and the fact that it is removable makes the Inman Aligner a patient-friendly option that can meet the requirements of even the busiest of lifestyles.

The cost of the treatment is tailored to the individual case of the patient. The amount you will pay will often be determined by the number of visits you require and the overall length of your treatment.

The treatment is safe, reliable and cost effective. So if you are looking to correct crowded or protruding teeth, we encourage you to contact us at the practice in order for us to arrange a consultation for you.

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