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Healthy habits for your teeth

Having a positive approach to your general condition and maintaining a conscientious approach to a healthy lifestyle is the biggest step you can take towards ensuring you look after your teeth and gums. Here are some lifestyle habits you can adopt in order to make sure you are doing as much as you can to […]

Posted by admin on 20th Jan 2014

Dental Advice for Coffee Drinkers

Every morning across the globe, millions of people either switch the kettle on and add two spoonfuls of coffee to their favourite mug or flock to their nearest coffee house and order a caramel latte or a frothy cappuccino. Coffee has become a staple of many people’s lives, transforming from a need to a necessity […]

Posted by admin on 25th Oct 2013

Good Oral Health Vital For Expectant Mothers

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and diet during pregnancy is an important contributor to the health of your baby. Your oral health and dental care are major factors in your overall health and it is therefore important you ensure they are both of the highest standard. It is highly advisable for pregnant women to visit their […]

Posted by admin on 4th Oct 2013