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Blog » June 2013

Communication with the Dentist

When you visit us for your dental appointment, it is essential that you are happy to provide answers to the important questions the dentist asks you. This is vital in helping us to identify the right course of treatment for you, and ensuring your treatment is carried out safely and with the fullest consideration to […]

Posted by admin on 28th Jun 2013

The Best Foods For Your Teeth

Brushing your teeth with fluoride toothpaste twice daily and flossing every day is the best foundation for good oral health. Another great lifestyle choice is to include in your diet a number of foods that are considered to contribute positively to good oral health. Conversely, you should always be aware of the foods that are […]

Posted by admin on 21st Jun 2013

Great Dental Care: Helping You Stay Healthy

As part of National Smile Month (, the British Dental Health Foundation have asked members of the public just how much they know about the consequences of poor oral health and the wider health issues that have been linked with it. Significant percentages of people surveyed were not aware that some of the health issues […]

Posted by admin on 14th Jun 2013

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Promoting oral hygiene and how essential it is to an individual’s overall health is always a top priority for our dental practice. This is why it is important to return see your dentist on the recommended basis, and to maintain your visits to the hygienist. Recently, the British Dental Health Foundation conducted a survey with […]

Posted by admin on 7th Jun 2013